CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 3 • Issue 4

HYDR IM ® C61w G4 Instrument Washer HYDR IM ® L110w G4 Instrument Washer HYDR IM ® M2 G4 Washer-Disinfector A New Wave in Instrument Washing and Sterilization SPEED The HYDR IM G4 can turnover 120 instruments in just 35 minutes. TOUCH A large touch screen offers communication between the unit and the user, allowing for easy operation, and tutorial viewing. CONNECT G4’s are capable of communicating with anyone of your choice, including Technical Service personnel. COLLECT G4’s collect all cycle data and service history, protecting your office and patients. HYDR IM and Your Infection Control Specialist are registered trademarks of SciCan Ltd.