Subscription Options and Forms
CDAnet Information Changes
CDAnet Requirements

CDAnet is the service developed by Canadian dentists' professional associations, in collaboration with dental benefit claims processors, dental practice software vendors, telecommunication network providers and others, to enable dentists to transmit dental benefit claims on behalf of their patients. CDAnet provides benefits for everyone involved – the patient's claim is processed more quickly, the dentist is able to provide a higher level of service and claims processors are able to automate their processes.

It is through a CDAnet subscription that claims processors recognize you as an authorized provider for transmitting dental benefit claims. Once subscribed to CDAnet, you may choose to sign up for the ITRANSTM Claim Service that enables claims to be transmitted on the Internet.

As a member of the provincial/territorial dental association, a dentist may access CDAnet with a subscription at no additional cost. A Subscription Agreement is required for each dental office a dentist will transmit claims from. In addition, a claim must identify the dentist who provided the dental services, therefore all dentists in an office providing services to patients whose claims will be transmitted electronically must be subscribers to CDAnet.

Subscription Options and Forms

Subscribe by Fax or Regular Mail
Download and complete the CDAnet Subscription Agreement. If you would like to submit claims from more than one dental office, you must complete a separate subscription agreement for each office location.

Note to dentists in Quebec: In the Province of Quebec, the Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) offers the Réseau ACDQ service that also enables dentists to transmit benefit claims electronically. To avoid duplication in the lists of authorized dentists, a dentist should register with either CDAnet or Réseau ACDQ for e-claims related to a particular office.

CDAnet Information Changes

It is important to advise CDAnet immediately of any office information changes as claims processors and networks require this information to ensure successful claims transmission.

If a new dentist is joining the practice, a CDAnet Subscription Agreement (see above) is required.

If the office information such as phone, fax, email, address, software changes, use the CDAnet Update Office form

The Unique Identification Number (UIN) changes when a dentist becomes a certified specialist, or there is a change to license status. Use the Request to Change Dentist UIN form to request CDAnet to change a UIN due to specialty registration or a change in license status.

CDAnet Requirements

To process claims electronically using the CDAnet message standards, you will need:

  1. To be a member of the Canadian Dental Association or the Ontario Dental Association.
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  2. To select a communication method:

    a. Modem and telephone line (a dedicated line is recommended). Contact your local telephone company for more information on installing a telephone line. Modems should be purchased in consultation with the software vendor you chose to ensure optimal communication to insurance carriers and carrier networks.

    b. Internet connection. Contact your local Internet supplier for more information on what Internet option works best for your practice. Refer to the software vendor you chose for assistance.

  3. To purchase and install CDAnet certified practice management software. This software is the interface from which you will submit claims electronically and must be purchased before you subscribe to CDAnet.

    a. To purchase a CDAnet certified software package that transmits via a modem and telephone line, contact a CDAnet certified vendor.

    b. To purchase a CDAnet certified software package that transmits via the Internet, contact an ITRANS ready software vendor

  4. A computer system - Refer to the software vendor, or an IT consultant, for direction on the appropriate system for your practice. Do not forget to incorporate security measures on your system (Firewalls, Anti-Virus software, etc.).

  5. To subscribe to CDAnet. Each dentist in an office who treats patients must complete a CDAnet Subscription Agreement for that particular office.

  6. To transmit your dental claims via ITRANS you will also be required to complete an ITRANS Claims Service Enrollment Form.