The Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award is bestowed in appreciation for exemplary contribution to Canadian dentistry.

Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award - Past Recipients (Since 1989)
2012 Mr. Lyle Best (Edmonton, Alberta)
2010 Mr. Tom Clift (St. John's, Newfoundland)
  Mr. Ken Dickson (North Vancouver, BC)
2009 AboutFace International Toronto, Ontario
2008 Dairy Farmers of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
  Johnson & Johnson Markham, Ontario
2007 Mr. George Rhodes - York (USA), Pennsylvania
2006 Ms. Michele Christl - Oral-B Professional Products Group, Oral-B Canada
2005 Mrs. Guylaine McCallum - Ottawa, ON
2004 Colgate Palmolive - Toronto, Ontario
2003 Prof. Abbyann Day Lynch - Toronto, ON
2002 Ms. Eva Young - Mississauga, ON
2000-2001 No recipient
1999 Dr. Carlo Di Fonzo
1998 No recipient
1997 Dr. John Zapp - Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1996 Mr. Hyo Maier
1995 No recipient
1994 Mr. Michel Hart - Maple, Ontario
1991-1993 No recipient
1990 Mr. Burton Borgelt
1989 Dr. Tom Ginley