The award will be conferred upon an individual who has served in an outstanding capacity in the governing of the Canadian Dental Association or who has made similar outstanding contributions to Canadian dentistry:

  • at least 2 full terms on the former Executive Council and/or Board of Directors;
  • a number of years of service to any dental organization, institution or specialty section;
  • member of a CDA council/commission/committee/task force/working group.
Award of Merit - Past Recipients (Since 1987)
2016 Dr. Andrew Rowe (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
2015 Dr. Jim Tennant (Hay River, Northwest Territories)
  Dr. Paul Cameron (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)
2014 Dr. Michael Brown (Riverview, New Brunswick)
  Dr. Edmund O'Neill (Kingston, Ontario)
2013 Dr. Dennis Bedard (Edmonton, AB)
  Dr. Colin Jack (Souris, PE)
  Dr. Grahame Usher (Halifax, NS)
2010 Dr. Nicky L.K. Leung (Richmond, BC)
2009 Dr. Debora Matthews – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. Mary McNally – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. W. Peter Trainor – Listowel, Ontario
2008 No recipient
2007 Dr. Gary Butler - St.John's, Newfoundland
  Dr. Elizabeth MacSween, Orleans, Ontario
2006 Dr. Paul O'Brien - St. John’s, Newfoundland
  Dr. David J. Sweet - Vancouver, British Columbia
2005 Dr. David Sage - Woodstock, Ontario
  Dr. H. Jack Stockton - St Pierre Jolys, Manitoba
  Dr. Steven K. Patterson - Wetaskiwin, Alberta
2004 Dr. John W. (Bill) Blair - Calgary, Alberta
  Dr. Susan E. Sutherland - Toronto, Ontario
  Col James C. Taylor - Ottawa, Ontario
2003  Dr. Richard Beauchamp - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. William A. MacInnis - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2002 Dr. Robert M. Balfour - Oakville, Ontario
  Dr. Keith R. Morley - Barrie, Ontario
  Dr. Evelyn D. McNee - Vancouver, British Columbia
2001 Dr. Peter Fendrich - London, Ontario
  Dr. Garry Lunn - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Geoffrey Sperber - Edmonton, Alberta
2000 Dr. Richard Speers - Toronto, Ontario
  Dr. David Donaldson - Bowser, British Columbia
1999 Dr. Charles P. Daly - St. John’s, Newfoundland
1998 Dr. Robert C. Baker - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Rowland Haryett - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. William K. Hettenhausen - Thunder Bay, Ontario
  Dr. Gary R. MacDonald - Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
  Dr. Trey Petty - Calgary, Alberta
1997 Dr. Joel B. Epstein - Chicago, Illinois (USA)
  Dr. Leonard Johnson - Eugene, Oregon (USA)
  Dr. Helen Lyttle
  Dr. David Somer - Hamilton, Ontario
1996 Dr. Henry Dick
  Dr. Robert Romcke - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1995 Dr. Marcia Boyd - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Richard Beyers - Kitchener, Ontario
  Dr. Bernie White - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1994 Dr. Guy Maranda - Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, Quebec
  Dr. W. Ian Vogan - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1993 BGen J. Fred Bégin - Orleans, Ontario
  Dr. Allen MacLean - Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  Dr. John Speck - Richmond Hill, Ontario
  Dr. Robert Turnbull - Toronto, Ontario
1992 Dr. Ralph Barolet - Westmount, Quebec
  Dr. William Bedord
  Dr. Pierre Dow - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Jack G. Thompson - Quispamsis, New Brunswick
1991 Dr. Pierre Desautels - Montreal, Quebec
  Dr. John E. Eisner - Buffalo, New York (USA)
  Dr. John Hardie - Lisburn
  Dr. Derek Jones - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1990 Dr. Gérard de Montigny - St. Hippolyte, Quebec
  Dr. Donald Gutkin - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Bruno Martinello - Edmonton, Alberta
1989 Dr. Bruce Bowden - St. John's, Newfoundland
  Dr. George Frank Copithorne - Kelowna, British Columbia
  Dr. John M. Phillips - Newmarket, Ontario
1988 Dr. Edward Allison - Calgary, Alberta
  Dr. John Christie - Bedford, Nova Scotia
  Dr. Yoshihiro Kamachi - North Bay, Ontario
1987 Dr. James Wright - Kingston, Ontario