Honorary Membership is awarded to recognize the individual deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry, or to the dental profession, over a sustained period of time.

Although this award may be for service that is provincial, national or international in nature, an outstanding contribution at the national level shall be a principal consideration. Most often, recipients of Honorary Membership would be dentist members of the CDA.

Honorary Membership - Past Recipients (Since 1944)
2016 Dr. Peter Cooney (Greely, Ontario)
2015 Dr. Daniel Haas - Toronto, Ontario
2014 Dr. Gilles Lavigne - Montréal, QC
2013 Dr. William MacInnis - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2012 Mr. Don Pamenter - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2011 No recipient
2010 Dr. Johan Francis Wolfaardt - Edmonton, Alberta
2009 Dr. David Sweet – Vancouver, British Columbia
2008 Dr. Claude Lamarche - Montréal, Quebec
2007 Dr. Marcia Boyd - Vancouver, British Columbia
2006 Dr. Barry Dolman - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Dennis C. Smith - Collingwood, Ontario
2005 Dr. Gordon Thompson - Edmonton, Alberta
2004 Dr. David K. Peters - St. John’s, Newfoundland
  Prof. George A. Zarb - Toronto, Ontario
2003 No recipients
2002 Dr. James R. Brookfield - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
2001 Dr. Don MacFarlane - Vancouver, British Columbia
2000 Dr. Bernard Dolansky - Ottawa, Ontario
  Dr. Ray Wenn - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1999 Dr. George Peacock - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  Dr. Norman Levine - Willowdale, Ontario
1998 Dr. William R. Scott - West Vancouver, British Columbia
1997 Dr. Kevin L. Roach - Pembroke, Ontario
1996 Dr. Kenneth Bentley - Lacolle, Quebec
1995 Dr. Arthur Schwartz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Helene Shingles - Sarnia, Ontario
1994 Dr. Ralph Brooke - London, Ontario
  Dr. Ronald Markey - Vancouver, British Columbia
1993 No recipients
1992 Dr. William McIntosh - Toronto, Ontario
  Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk - Toronto, Ontario
1991 Dr. Wesley Dunn - London, Ontario
  Dr. Jean-Paul Lussier - Westmount, Québec
1990 Dr. Ernest Ambrose - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  Dr. Bradley Wescott Holmes - Kenora, Ontario
  Dr. Roderick Lawrence Moran - Toronto, Ontario
1989 Dr. Ralph Crawford - Delta, British Columbia
  Dr. Robert N. Hicks - North Vancouver, British Columbia
1988 Dr. Nick A. Mancini - Hamilton, Ontario
1987 Dr. William R. Thompson - Belleville, Ontario
1986 No recipients
1985 Dr. Lorne Edgar MacLachlan - Bedford, Nova Scotia
1984 Dr. Conrad Godin - Trois-Rivières, Quebec
1983 Dr. J. Fred Reid - Surrey, British Columbia
  Dr. William Miller - Vancouver, British Columbia
1982 Dr. Bruce Taylor
1981 Dr. George M. Dewis - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. P. S. Christie - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1980 Dr. James Zimmerman
  Dr. John F. Edgecombe
1979 Mr. Lloyd Bowen
1978 Dr. Hector R. McLean
1977 No recipient
1976 Dr. S. MacGregor
1975 No recipient
1974 Dr. Joseph Harker Johnson
1973 Dr. H.M. Worth
  Dr. J. Menzies Campbell
1972 Dr. Robert Leblanc
1971 Dr. Percy G. Anderson
  Dr. Gerald Leatherman
1970 Dr. Gordon C. Watson
1969 Dr. W. Gordon Leahy
1968 Dr. Harold Cline
1967 Gordon W. Watson, Q.C.
1966 Dr. A.J. Cormier
  Dr. Heath McIntyre
1965 Dr. Paul Geoffrion
1964 Dr. W. Scott Hamilton
  Dr. Donald W. Gullett
1963 Dr. Harvey W. Reid
  Dr. A. Clifford Lewis
1962 Dr. Emery Jones
1961 Dr. Arthur Allan Kenney
1960 Dr. Felix Andrew French
1959 Dr. Alden West Faulkner
1958 Dr. George Guelph Armitage
1957 Dr. W.L. Hutton
  Dr. Howard James Merkley
1956 Dr. John W. Clay
1955 Dr. Harold Keith Box
1954 Dr. Frank Godsoe
1953 Dr. Arthur Lambert Walsh
  Dr. Ernest Charron
  Dr. Herbert Parker Buchanan
1952 Dr. Robert L. Pallen
  Dr. Matthew Henry Garvin
1951 Dr. Sydney Wood Bradley
1950 Dr. Stephan A. Moore
1949 Dr. Lorne J.D. Fasken
1948 Dr. Harold Hillenbrand
  Dr. Joseph Nolin
1947 Dr. J. Stanley Bagnall
1946 Dr. George Bush
1945 No recipient
1944 Dr. Harry S. Thomson