This award may be given to a dentist or other person to recognize either an outstanding contribution in a given year, or outstanding service over a number of years. It may also recognize outstanding contributions to the dental profession at the academic level, corporate level, specialty society, council, commission or committee level.

Distinguished Service Award - Past Recipients (Since 1976)
2016 Dr. Don Friedlander (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Jack Gerrow (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. John O’Keefe (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Benoit Soucy (Ottawa, Ontario)
2015 Dr. Susan Sutherland (Toronto, Ontario)
2014 Dr. Blaine Cleghorn (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Amil Shapka (St. Paul, Alberta)
2013 Dr. Louis Dubé (Sherbrooke, QC)
  Dr. Saida Rasul (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  Dr. Walter Dobrovolsky (Edmonton, AB)
2011 Ms. Susan Matheson (Ottawa, ON)
2012 Dr. Colin Dawes (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Saida Rasul (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  Dr. Jocelyn Pearce (posthumously)
2011 Dr. Phillip Poon (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Geoff Smith (St. John's, Newfoundland)
2010 Ms. Barbara Wishart (Scotchtown, New Brunswick)
  Dr. Donald Cunningham (Guelph, Ontario)
  Dr. Richard Ellen (Toronto, Ontario)
2009 Dr. James Leake - Kingston, Ontario
  Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Robert Sexton - Cornerbrook, Newfoundland
2008 Dr. R. John McComb - Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Trey L. Petty - Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Richard Vaughn Tucker - Ferndale, Washington
2007 Mr. Kingsley Butler - Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Christopher Robinson - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. Wayne Pulver - Willowdale, Ontario
  Mr. Joel Neal - Ottawa, Ontario
2006 Dr. Robert (Mac) Balfour - Oakville, Ontario
  Dr. Johann de Vries - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Robert Salois - Montréal, Quebec
2005 Dr. Gérald E. Albert - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Robert (Rick) E. Hallett - Kamloops, British Columbia
  Prof. Keith C. Titley - Toronto, Ontario
2004 Dr. Peter Fendrich - London, Ontario
  Dr. Claude Lamarche - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Michael A. Lasko - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2003 Dr. (Col) John R. Currah - Ottawa, Ontario
  Dr. Gilles Dubé - Lachute, Quebec
  Mr. Brian Henderson - Perth, Ontario
2002 Dr. Guy Maranda - Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, Quebec
  Dr. Donald Bonang - Seabright, Nova Scotia
  Mr. Jardine Neilson - Langley, British Columbia
2001 Dr. Luc Dugal - Calgary, Alberta
  Dr. Denis Forest - Ste Marceline, Quebec
  Dr. Douglas B. Smith - Belleville, Ontario
2000 Dr. Jean-Yves Turcotte - Ste-Foy, Quebec
  Dr. Stephane Schwartz - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Brian Barrett - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1999 Dr. Daniel Pelland - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Marcia Boyd - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Ms. Linda Teteruck - Ottawa, Ontario
1998 Dr. Les S. Allen - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. George S. Beagrie - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Pierre Desautels - Montréal, Quebec
1997 Dr. George Burgman - Niagara Falls, Ontario
  Dr. Donald W. Lewis - Toronto, Ontario
  Mr. Don Pamenter - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996 Dr. Derek Jones - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. Jack Niedermayer - Regina, Saskatchewan
1995 Dr. Michel Jahjah - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Dennis C. Smith - Collingwood, Ontario
  Dr. James Wright - Kingston, Ontario
1994 Dr. Gordon Thompson - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. G. Roy Thordarson - West Vancouver, British Columbia
1993 Dr. John R. Robertson - Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  Dr. Harry Rosen - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Melvin Charendoff - Toronto, Ontario
1992 Dr. Michael Cripton - Moncton, New Brunswick
  Dr. Pierre-Yves Lamarche - Laval, Quebec
  Mr. Ross McIntyre - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Donald Woodside - Toronto, Ontario
1991 Dr. John Durran - Ancaster, Ontario
  Mr. John Gillies - Toronto, Ontario
  Dr. Kenneth F. Pownall - Etibicoke, Ontario
  Dr. George Zarb - Toronto, Ontario
1990 Dr. Louis Bernier - Quebec, Quebec
  Dr. Donald MacFarlane - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. George Peacock - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1989 Dr. Kenneth Bentley - Lacolle, Quebec
  Dr. Arthur Schwartz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Thomas E. (Ted) Ramage - Madeira Park, British Columbia
  Dr. Donald Steeves
1988 No recipient
1987 Dr. James D. MacLean
1986 No recipient
1985 Dr. Arthur Wood - Mississauga, Ontario
1984 Mr. Murray McDonald
1983 Dr. Doug J. Yeo - Comox, British Columbia
1982 Mr. Henry Thornton
1981 Dr. R.A. Gray
  Mrs. Edith Schmidt
1977-1980 No recipient
1976 Mr. M.E. Bower