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Volume 65, Numbers 1 - 11

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Frequency: 11 times/yr. (July-August combined)
Languages: Published in English and French

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NO agency discount applicable. NO multiple year rate discount. Members of the American Dental Association (ADA membership number required) are eligible to receive a 25% discount off the regular subscription price. Postage and handling charges are included in the subscription price. International subscriptions are sent surface mail only.

Subscriptions are prorated to begin and end with the calendar year (i.e. subscribers will only be charged for the number of remaining issues in the calendar year). Back-dated subscriptions are accepted only up to June 1st of the current year and are subject to availability of back issues. Subscribers will be invoiced shipping and handling charges for back-dated subscriptions sent outside Canada. Back issues may be purchased individually at $6.00 per issue plus shipping charges, and are subject to availability.

Subscription cancellations are accepted. A refund will be forwarded for the balance of the subscription at the time of cancellation.

If an issue is not received, a claim must be made within six months of the missing issue's publication. A refund for a claim will only be issued if the claim was placed within six months of the issue's publication and it is no longer available.

The Journal's annual index is published yearly in the December issue. The Journal is not available on Microform or Microfiche.

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*As a service to the profession, CDA provides the Journal to all licensed dentists in Canada. The Journal is available in both English and French.