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The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association has a monthly circulation of over 19,000 copies, and reaches all dentists and dental students in Canada, as well as subscribers outside the country. The Journal is indexed on Medline and in Index Medicus. Its editorial team is dedicated to promoting excellence in authorship and peer review.

Potential authors are invited to contact the editor, Dr. John O'Keefe, to discuss ideas for manuscripts or to make inquiries about the Journal. Phone 800-267-6354, ext. 297 (in Canada), or (613) 523-1770, ext. 297 (from outside Canada), or send an e-mail to

Authors writing for the Journal of the CDA, should note that the majority of its readers are general dental practitioners. Specialists and clinical researchers writing for the Journal should direct their articles to this audience, to ensure that generalists (including the editor) and other specialists will be able to easily grasp the concepts presented.

Potential authors should read our Instructions to Contributors carefully before preparing their manuscript.

We endorse the Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals (CMAJ 1997; 156:270-7).

Authors are advised to read these requirements.

Our neighbors at the Canadian Medical Association provide a wealth of useful information for potential authors at their Medical Writing Centre.


The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association welcomes the submission of previously unpublished articles, critical reviews of material on advances in dentistry, and clinical reports for consideration for publication. Material is accepted for publication on the understanding that it is submitted solely to the Journal and that it has not previously been submitted elsewhere.

Research Articles:

Are contributions dealing with research, the diagnosis and treatment of dental disease, studies in education, clinical and laboratory research, and other detailed investigations pertinent to dentistry and related fields. The text should not exceed 2,500 to 3,000 words.

Clinical Reports:

Are brief (up to 2,000 words) reports, case histories and clinical observations. References should be limited, and a minimum number of illustrations used.


That are fully documented (800 words or less) will be reviewed for publication at the discretion of the Editor.

Manuscript Requirements :

Submit three (3) copies (original and two (2) duplicates) to the Editor, Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, 1815 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3Y6. All graphs, photographs, charts and tables must also be submitted in triplicate. Authors are asked to submit their articles on computer disks, if possible, stored in WordPerfect, ASCII (IBM-compatible programs. Hard copy, in triplicate, must still be provided for articles submitted on disk. For more details, please contact the editorial staff.

A covering letter designating one author as the correspondent, with his or her full address, telephone number and fax number (if available), must accompany the article. All Research articles are subject to review by selected consultant referees. Acceptance or rejection of an article for publication is based on the referees' reports and editorial consideration.

The Editor reserves the right to edit manuscripts for stylistic consistency, clarity and conciseness. The author named as correspondent will receive a copy of the edited manuscript for checking prior to publication. If the author does not respond promptly, within the time allotted, his or her acceptance of the final article will be assumed. No exceptions will be made.

Manuscript Format:

All material (title, abstract, text, references, tables and legends) should be typed, double-spaced, on one side of 8 1/2" x 11" pages, with margins of at least one inch on all four sides.

Article Titles:

Should be descriptive but concise and suitable for indexing. Lengthy titles will be subject to editing.


Stating the purpose, results and conclusion of the work must accompany all manuscripts. All abstracts will be translated into French (or English, as the case may be). Abstracts should be approximately one typewritten page (250 words in length), maximum.

Authors Affiliations:

The authors' names, degrees, and university affiliations must be provided. Authors are responsible to disclose to the Editor any financial interests they may have in products mentioned in their article.


Should be selective. They must be keyed to the text and numbered consecutively. Journal references must give the author's name, article title, abbreviated journal name, volume number, first and last page numbers of article and year of publication, i.e.,

1. Hechter, F.J. Symmetry and dental arch form of orthodontically treated patients. JCDA 44:173-184, 1978.

For books, give the author's name, book title, location and name of publisher, and year of publication, i.e.,

2. Kilpatrick, H.C. Works simplification in dentistry, ed. 2, Philadelphia: Saunders, 1964.


Should be of high (professional) quality for reproduction.

All photographs should be submitted in triplicate as glossy black and white or color prints, or as color slides. When color slides are submitted, authors may submit one color slide and two glossy color prints of each illustration rather than three color slides.

On the back of each print or slide, the figure number and the top edge should be indicated lightly using a grease pencil. Each set of photographs and slides should be placed in a separate envelope and marked with the authors' name and the title of the article. Photographs and slides may be kept on file in the Journal department for up to a year following publication. Authors may request return of their illustration only up until that time. (The Editor reserves the right to print color prints or slides in either black and white and/or color, as he or she sees fit.)

Graphs and line drawings should be of professional quality. The original drawing should be submitted, if possible, or a black and white glossy print of the drawing.

Tables, Charts and Graphs:

Should be well organized to complement the text. They should be keyed by number in order of appearance in the manuscript. Each of these illustrations should be on a separate page with title and footnotes. All data should be included to ensure accurate reproduction of charts and graphs.


For all illustrations must be typed (grouped) on a separate page. Photo-micrograph legends must specify original magnification and stain.

Most articles are published at no cost to the author, but a fee could be levied if extensive illustrative, formular, tabular or photographic matter is used.

Permissions and Waivers:

Must accompany the manuscript. Waivers are mandatory for the publication of photographs of patients unless faces are masked to prevent identification. Waiver forms are available from the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. Permission of the author and publisher must be obtained for use of previously published material quoted in the text and for use of previously published illustrations.

Upon acceptance of an article for publication, the author named as correspondent will be required to transfer copyright to the Journal.


Twenty-five complimentary tear sheets are mailed to the corresponding author of Research articles after the article is published. Additional copies (tear sheets) of articles may be requested 30 days prior to publication. Additional reprints are available through the Journal for a fee. Prices for reprints and copies (tear sheets) are available on request.

Please Note:

Manuscripts that do not conform to the above requirements will be returned to the author. Please read all instructions thoroughly.