Volume 9 • 2022 • Issue 2

Hu-Friedy andCrosstex are nowproudmembers of Hu-FriedyMfg. Co., LLC, 1666 E. Touhy Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60018 | HuFriedyGroup.com All company and product names are trademarks of Hu-FriedyMfg. Co., LLC its affiliates or related companies, unless otherwise noted. Marks not registered in all jurisdictions. ©2022 Hu-FriedyMfg. Co., LLC. All rights reserved. 0222 Be the Best in Practice To learn more, visit HuFriedyGroup.com Crosstex™ Isolator™Plus N95Surgical Respirator Crosstex™ Isolator ™ Plus N95 Surgical Respirators are NIOSH-approved, FDA-clearedwith fluid- resistant inner and outer layers. They aremade in the USA and have chin-pocket construction with malleable nose and chin pieces to provide a better fit for increased comfort. Instrument Management System (IMS) IMS ™ Cassettes keep instruments organized and protected in cassettes. This allows clinicians tomove instruments fromchairside to cleaning to sterilization to storage without touching the instruments. The sterilization area can runmore efficiently, and staff members can remain focused on the patient and providing the best level of care. For more information on IMS ™ Cassettes, please contact your local dental distributor sales representative.