CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 6

S upporting Y our P ractice Whether you are just starting to invest or are further along the road to financial independence, CDSPI has a variety of solutions to help you realize your investment objectives. These include personalized financial plans 1 and a family of low-cost investment funds that have consistently outperformed the majority of their peers in their respective categories. 2 As dentists’ portfolios grow to a substantial size, their investment management needs typically change. I encourage you to consider CDSPI Private Wealth Management Services if you have accumulated more than one million dollars of investable assets. You will be advised by a dedicated Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professional with a minimum 15 years of experience. Your advisor will develop a financial plan tailored to your personal and professional aspirations, whether it’s to grow your assets, preserve your wealth, generate a reliable stream of retirement income, or a combination of these objectives. CDSPI has selected Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc. (Cumberland) as the portfolio management partner to build your customized portfolio of investments. Working together, CDSPI and Cumberland take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Our integrated strategy comprises personal and professional investment, whole and universal life insurance, and collaboration with tax and legal advisors. You will receive monthly portfolio reports and timely insights from our experts. “Cumberland is known for our disciplined focus on fundamental investment research,” explains Portfolio Manager Gino Ciavarella. “Our team of researchers and analysts study political and global economic events, investigate individual securities, and use a proprietary evaluation system to find opportunities the market has undervalued. We draw from this pool of securities to build each individual portfolio.” Cumberland’s teammembers actively invest their own capital in the investments they recommend—a testament to their personal conviction in their research and process. Success Factors Working with affluent dentists, we understand their three most important considerations in managing their finances. These are also the focus of CDSPI Private Wealth Management Services and Cumberland:   Capital Preservation Dentists spend decades investing wisely, often with the help of a financial planner, to create a substantial pool of capital. As retirement approaches, they understand the importance of reducing risk in their portfolios. Performance is still important, but it needs to be evaluated SERVING THE INVESTMENT NEEDS of Successful Dentists Ron Haik MBA, CFP ® , CIM ® , FCSI ® , CIWM ® ,TEP Vice-President, Investment Advisory Services, CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. 1-800-561-9401, ext. 6859 Working exclusively with dentists for decades has given us an unparalleled understanding of your unique needs. Susan M. Armstrong, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D. President & CEO CDSPI Through booms and busts, bull markets and bears, we have always remained true to our investment principles. It has served our clients well. Charles R. Sims, FCPA, FCA President & CEO Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc. 38 | 2017 | Issue 6