CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 6

Banana Avocado Water Lemon Juice Cola Energy Drink Orange Juice Beer Salad Dressing Wine PATENTED STANNOUS FLUORIDE FORMULA NEW, IMPROVED FORMULA!* © 2017 P&G ORAL-22045 *smoother formula vs. Crest® Pro-Health™ Advanced toothpastes †beyond regular fluoride toothpaste • Smooth*, Great Taste • Gentle & Bead-Free • No Sloughing† • Non-Staining Formula pH Acid Scale ENAMEL DANGER ZONE ENAMEL SAFE ZONE PATENTED PROTECTION AGAINST DIETARY ACID EROSION ENAMEL BEGINS TO SOFTEN AT pH 4.0. CREST ® PRO-HEALTH™ WITH STANNOUS FLUORIDE PROVIDES SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER PROTECTION FROM CALCIUM LOSS DUE TO ENAMEL EROSION CAUSED BY DIETARY ACIDS VS. SODIUM FLUORIDE IN LOWER pH.