CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 6

11 Issue 6 | 2017 | CDA at W ork IsThis Really Going to Improve My Oral Health ? Look for the CDA Seal to find out For the over 70 products that currently have the CDA Seal, consumers can feel confident that manufacturers’ product claims, such as “healthier gums” and “stronger teeth,” are more than just a marketing strategy—they are oral health benefits that have been validated by a CDA panel of independent reviewers. A recent opinion poll conducted by CDA revealed that 83% of dentists are aware of the CDA Seal, but 45% don’t know what’s involved in earning it. So, what’s behind the CDA Seal statement, “ Oral health benefits validated by CDA ”? In a nutshell, here’s what it takes for product manufacturers to earn the CDA Seal:   Considerations Manufacturers that want to have a specific product claim validated must first consider if their claim meets CDA’s definition of an oral health benefit: “measurable and meaningful (i.e., clinically significant) preventive, therapeutic or cosmetic effects that an individual gains from the use of a specific product.” The type of review required to validate the product’s claim must be determined. A Full Review is the default review process. A product qualifies for an Expedited Review if it is licensed by Health Canada and its oral health benefit claim has already been approved by Health Canada or if the product is a variation of an existing product that has already earned the CDA Seal and has the same oral health benefit. For products with more than one oral health benefit claim, the type of review required for each claim must be determined separately. When you recommend products to your patients, do you tell them to look for the CDA Seal? Checking dental products for the CDA Seal can help your patients make informed choices when it comes to their purchasing decisions on everything from dental floss to mouthwash.