February 5, 2014  

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Dr. Peter Doig attends Minister Rona Ambrose's address to the Economic Club of Canada

On January 30, 2014, Dr. Peter Doig, President of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) attended the Minister of Health's address to the Economic Club of Canada. The Honourable Rona Ambrose spoke about the potential of innovation to improve the quality and fiscal sustainability of Canada`s health system. In this interview, Dr. Doig speaks about the significance of Minister Ambrose’s speech for Canada’s dentists and for CDA.

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Dr. Peter Doig speaks at the National Summit of Canadian Sport for Life

On January 29th, 2014, Baseball Canada held the National Summit of Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) which brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Dr. Peter Doig, President of the Canadian Dental Association, was a keynote speaker at the summit. In this interview, Dr. Doig highlights the key messages he delivered at the summit and the significant role that Canadian dentists play in the prevention of smokeless tobacco use.

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Are dentists contributing to prescription drug abuse?

Dr. Benoit Soucy, Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), attended a symposium on prescription drug abuse co-hosted by the federal Minister of Health and the Canadian Center in Substance Abuse (CCSA). In this interview, Dr. Soucy speaks about the significance of the symposium and the role dentists play to combat this problem.

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President's Column: Look for the Seal

Throughout my career, my response to patients with questions about oral health care products has always been, “Look for the Seal.” I have been confident advising my patients that if the product carried the CDA Seal, they could be assured that the product would live up to its claim.

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JCDA: Turning the Page

In his editorial, Dr. John O’Keefe bids farewell to the JCDA print publication and welcomes the new CDA Magazine set to launch in April 2014.

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Make the connection: the first oral-systemic health day at the University of Manitoba

On February 7th, 2014, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba will hold a Continuing Professional Development day on making the connection between oral and systemic health.

Dr. John O'Keefe interviewed Dr. Anthony Iacopino, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, who provided more information on the CE day.

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Results of the survey: What’s preventing you from being as much productive as you would like to be?

Here are the aggregated categories based on your responses to our survey:

  • Being an associate
  • Not having control
  • Time management
  • Lack of patients and new patients
  • Insurance plans interfering with treatment and patients’ inability to pay for treatment
  • Oversupply of dentists
  • Lack of training in communication skills
  • Missed appointments
  • Patients’ non-compliance with treatments
  • Work-life balance


Your Opinion: How would you treat this case?

An 11-year-old presented to my office in December 2013 for a routine recall examination. The right bitewing revealed what appeared to be gross decay on the 1-4 occlusal. Upon further review of the bitewing from last year, it was noted that this exact same lesion had been present since the tooth first erupted into the child’s mouth.

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What is the best approach to prevent secondary caries from spreading under composite restorations?

Dr. Jacinta Santos, Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Schulich School of Dentistry at Western University, provided a quick initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist.

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What are the best practices for building high performance in human resource management?

In response to the survey on Stress points in the Dental Practice, we introduce a series of posts related to the topics identified in the survey responses. This post relates to human resources management.

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What kind of restoration material is best recommended for root caries, especially where isolation is a problem?

Dr. Jacinta Santos, Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Schulich School of Dentistry at Western University, provided a quick initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist.

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Are you a leader in your practice?

This post is based on the article published in the Harvard Business Review: Be seen as a leader (December 2013)

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The following urgent care scenario is now available on Oasis Help:

Get involved with Oasis Help! We invite individuals and groups of general dentists, dental specialists, physicians and pharmacists to join our project as authors, reviewers, and content and translation advisors. Email us at oasishelp@cda-adc.ca


Endodontic-Related Facial Paresthesia: Systematic Review
Drs. Flávio Alves, Mariana Coutinho, Lucio Gonçalves

Paresthesia related to endodontic treatment most commonly affects the inferior alveolar and mental nerves. Diagnosis requires complete medical history, imaging, and mechanoceptive and nociceptive tests. No specific treatment is available.

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How to Manage a Patient with Peri-implantitis
Drs. Andrea Hsu and Jung-Wan Martin Kim

Diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis, an infectious disease surrounding osseointegrated implants.

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