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August 14, 2013   

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New this week! JCDA Oasis is pleased to present Opening the Conversation posts which will introduce an initial response to a question by colleague dentists. We invite you to participate and enhance the discussion.


Comparing whitening agents: which is more effective?

This summary is based on the article published in the Dental News: Comparison of short-term effectiveness of four different tooth whitening systems (September 2012).

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Opening the Conversation: Temporization – What is the best material for veneer temps and what are the best techniques?

A dentist provided an initial response to open the conversation about this question submitted by a general dentist.

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Opening the Conversation: What are the advantages and disadvantages of full-contour zirconia vs. cast gold for a full crown on a second molar?

Two dentists provided initial responses to open the conversation about this question submitted by a general dentist.

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Opening the Conversation: What is the best restorative material still in existence and use?

This question was submitted by a general dentist and is a conversation opener on the best restorative materials based on your experience.

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How can you restore teeth with minimal invasive restorations?

This summary is adapted from the article published in the Dental Clinics of North America: Restorative Dentistry for Children (January 2013)

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What is the latest thinking on composite resin materials & adhesion?

Posted by Dr. John O’Keefe: A JCDA editorial consultant sent me a link yesterday to an article in the latest edition of the Inside Dentistry publication, titled Current Thinking on Composites and Adhesion.

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Get involved with Oasis Help! We invite individuals and groups of general dentists, dental specialists, physicians and pharmacists, to join our project as authors, reviewers, and content and translation advisors. Email us at


Failure of Root Canal Treatment Misdiagnosed as Neuropathic Pain: Case Report
Dr. Thomas A. Shackleton

A case in which failure of root canal therapy presented as long-standing pain without any apparent pathology underscores the need for clinicians to eliminate all possible causes before reaching a diagnosis of neuropathic pain.

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Visit our Oasis Discussions website to submit the most critical questions relating to your everyday practice. Or, call our toll-free line at 1-855-71-OASIS and leave us a message with your question. We welcome a broad range of questions about diagnosis and treatment, in relation to techniques, materials, instruments, and devices or therapeutic agents. We encourage you to send us your questions as they arise.

Our goal is to have JCDA Expert panellists answer your questions as quickly as possible and share them through our various channels of knowledge translation.

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