Figure 1

Figure 1: Radiograph demonstrating bone loss due to peri-implantitis.
















Figure 2

Figure 2: Radiograph showing a fractured implant.
















Figure 3

Figure 3: Bridge demonstrating 1:1 implant-to-crown ratio.
















Figure 4

Figure 4: Bone loss around a short dental implant.
















Figure 5

Figure 5: Wide-body implant fixture to replace molar tooth.
















Figure 6

Figure 6: Ill-fitting posterior bridge and prosthetic design.
















Figure 7

Figure 7: Non-ideal cantilever: long distal cantilever demonstrating bone loss and poor support.
















Figure 8

Figures 8: Ideal cantilever: mesial cantilever implant prosthesis.
















Figure 9

Figures 9: Radiographic view of restoration in Figure 8.
















Figure 10

Figures 10: Non-ideal cantilever: long anterior cantilever due to poor implant location, incorrect prosthetic work-up, inadequate lip support and compromised design. Incisal loading will lead to prosthetic failure.
















Figure 11

Figures 11: Lateral view of restoration in Figure 10.