Periodontics on the Web

J Can Dent Assoc 2001; 67:76

This month’s article highlights some of the more interesting periodontal Web sites.

Canadian Academy of Periodontology — This bilingual Web site provides information to periodontists and the public. A search function allows patients to look for a periodontist in their area.

Periodontics Information Center — This UCLA-promoted site has a collection of periodontal learning modules for dental professionals. — This site is an excellent information resource for both dentists and patients. Periodontal procedures and frequently asked questions are presented in a nice, user-friendly layout. The site contains a number of links to other health and dental sites.

American Academy of Periodontology — One of the interesting features of the AAP site is that it contains a convenient index of the articles that are available to those who subscribe to the Journal of Periodontology.

International Academy of Periodont ology — This site provides news and information for its members and lists upcoming meetings.

Histology of the Periodontium by Dr. Max Listgarten — This is a free online course that takes you through a review of the microscopic anatomy of the periodontium.

British Society of Periodontology — The site provides a review of the periodontal literature with summaries of pertinent articles.

Department of Periodontology for Oral Health Sciences, Malmo University, Sweden — Some periodontal cases are presented that deal with pathogenesis, prognosis, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic descriptions of periodontal conditions.  

European Workshops in Periodontology — Site created by the European Academy of Periodontology.  

Interactive Periodontology: A European Project in Dental Education — This site’s mission is to “develop and evaluate a European Networked Interactive Curriculum in Periodontology (ENICIP) for undergraduate students of Oral Health Sciences.” The site describes the Web-initiated learning program for model learning development.

The W3 site of Periodontology and Oral Implantology — This bilingual site contains clinical cases, an index of journal articles, and many dental links. — This site publicizes Perio Reports, a newsletter published 6 times per year. You can find out which journals are reviewed for the newsletter and request a sample issue.

HIV Associated Periodontal Lesions — Interesting cases are presented to assist dentists in treating patients with HIV-associated periodontal lesions. — This site is aimed at the public. Check it out to see what your patients may be reading.

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