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Figure 1: Pretreatment intraoral photograph of a congenitally missing lateral incisor and canine that has drifted mesially. Preprosthetic orthodontic treatment is necessary to align the crowns and roots of the central incisor and canine before implant restoration.

















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Figure 2: Mid-treatment intraoral view showing sufficient space between crowns for placement of a traditional fixed or removable prosthesis.

















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Figure 3: Mid-treatment panoramic radiograph revealing insufficient space between the roots of the teeth for placement of the implant, although there is sufficient space between the crowns.

















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Figure 4: The final orthodontic positions showing sufficient space between crowns for the implant and sufficient space to build up the contra-lateral peg-lateral.

















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Figure 5: Sufficient space between the roots has been created with additional orthodontic treatment by moving the central incisor and canine roots further apart to allow placement of the implant fixture.
















Fig. 6

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Figure 6: Vacuum-form retainer in place following orthodontic treatment. A denture tooth has been placed in the retainer to maintain the space for the implant restoration