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A Selection of Web Sites

J Can Dent Assoc 2001; 67:17

This month’s article contains a list of various sites of interest to dental professionals. The links to these sites have been activated in the online (html) version of this column. All you have to do is go to the electronic Journal (eJCDA) at,   choose this month’s article and click on the links within the text that you are interested in. Speaking of the eJCDA, another great feature of the electronic edition is its archival function; if you are interested in checking out sites mentioned in previous articles from this series, simply click on Back Issues on the eJCDA main menu page and you’ll be able to access columns all the way back to the inaugural article in December 1999.

Web Sites

Academy of Operative Dentistry — The mission statement of the Academy is “to promote excellence in Operative Dentistry by exerting our influence in the practice of the health professions, in organized dentistry, in health education, in research and in any other realm where dentistry is involved.” The annual meeting of the Academy, held in Chicago, Illinois, includes scientific programs and table clinic presentations. The Academy also sponsors and endorses a variety of programs and activities. 

Dental WHMIS — This new site is dedicated to providing WHMIS training (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) to dental office staff. By law, any person working with controlled products such as gypsum, sealants and photocopy ink must take a WHMIS course. The online course can easily be completed at home or at work. The content has been specifically designed to make dental office staff aware of how to handle hazardous materials properly. — This Web site enables dentists to share information about the Cerec machine with other dentists. It includes many case reports with pictures submitted by dentists, who also discuss the dos and don’ts of using the machine. Click and visit PlanetCerec for the latest information on fabricating chair-side restorations using computer scanning and lathe cut restorations. 

ExperDent — The ExperDent site is set up to provide information for dentists seeking advice on fee-for-service dental consulting. — This well-designed site invites patients to read up on teeth and use its directory to find a dentist in their area. This Internet marketing effort aimed at publicizing dentists from the United States is an interesting blend of information and advertising. 

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency — This site contains a FAQs section (frequently asked questions) for small businesses that can be very useful during tax preparation. — This non-profit business portal is designed to connect patients, dentists, suppliers and consultants. There are many business opportunities to explore on this site. 

Dentalxchange — This California-based, sales-oriented Web site has won recognition as an excellent business-to-business site. It offers supplies as well as information on practice management and continuing education. The site also contains a directory of American dentists and allows patients to ask questions online that are answered by dental professionals. The visual graphics are pleasing to the eye. 

1000 Gems Seminars and Gems Publishing — The 1000 Gems site is a collection of articles, dental links, classified ads and continuing education updates that are useful to the busy dentist. 

Dental Icon — This site is a business portal for dentists requiring Internet information on topics ranging from supplies and computers to consulting and employment issues. — Need some tips on office design? Check out this site, which is dedicated to providing interior design ideas for dental offices. 

Dental Friends — There are many reasons to check out this site, which includes a chat function for dentists, surveys and a search function to locate dental books. The Web pages are very busy, but the site still contains some good links.  

If you have a favourite Web site you’d like to share with other JCDA readers, send me an e-mail with the site’s address. Once I have compiled a full list, I’ll dedicate another column to this topic. If you would like to have your name and e-mail address included in the article as the person recommending the site, please indicate in the message you send me.

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