Figure 1

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Figure 1: A young woman with a history of cleft lip and palate. Although there is adequate soft tissue, the lack of bone precludes implants as a treatment option.




















Figure 2

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Figure 2: : Empress 2 bridge fabricated to replace the maxillary right lateral incisor. The supragingival margins help to maintain gingival health while providing a highly esthetic result.


















Figure 3

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Figure 3: Empress 2 bridge replacing the Maxillary left lateral incisor..


















Figure 4

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Figure 4: Natural smile showing the esthetic results of conventional all - ceramic restorations shown in Figs 2 and 3 


















Figure 5

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Figure 5: This middle-aged woman lost her maxillary right central incisor due to trauma. The adjacent teeth did not contain any restorations. A single-tooth implant was the chosen treatment.


















Figure 6

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Figure 6: Using bone preservation techniques, enough bone was maintained to replace the missing tooth with a single-tooth implant. The final crown has been cemented on the implant abutment.


















Figure 7

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Figure 7: The result is an esthetic, functional restoration and the integrity of the adjacent virgin teeth has been maintained.


















Figure 8

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Figure 8: This young woman has a congenitally missing right lateral incisor. After orthodontic treatment, she is ready for a fixed replacement of her missing tooth.


















Figure 9

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Figure 9: The same young woman is also missing her left lateral incisor. Note the abundance of soft tissue, which is a critical factor in meeting high patient expectations for esthetic results.


















Figure 10

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Figure 10: A close view of a single-tooth implant replacing the maxillary left lateral incisor. The soft tissue framing of the final restoration creates an outstanding esthetic result.


















Figure 11

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Figure 11: Single-tooth implants replace the missing lateral incisors. The crowns are cemented on the implant abutments providing a natural, esthetic result. The structure of the adjacent teeth has been preserved.


















Figure 12

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Figure 12: This occlusal view shows the amount of tooth reduction required for a full-coverage restoration. This patient has chosen a 4-unit bridge to replace the missing maxillary left central and lateral incisors. Virgin abutment teeth have been compromised during tooth preparation. Ovate pontics have been created to enhance the appearance of the final restoration.