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Investing on the Internet

J Can Dent Assoc 2000; 66:590

With the increased use of the Internet as a research tool, the investment world has changed dramatically over the last few years. There are many Internet sites dedicated to providing investment advice to the general public, which means that individual investors can get their hands on information just as fast as stockbrokers. This month’s article will focus on some of the sites that can help you get the information you need to make informed investment decisions. Remember to make sure you consult credible sources before you invest in a company — the Internet has been known to contain false information that has lead many an unsuspecting investor astray.

Stocks    — Learn about investing on the Internet through the Investor Learning Centre, a private, not-for-profit company. The site contains information on capital markets, the market system, the bond and stock markets, and investor protection.  — The Toronto Stock Exchange site is a well-designed site that provides company information, delayed quotes and market information.  — The New York Stock Market now serves its investors through the Network NYSE, which is promoted as “a growing portfolio of order-execution services and market-information products providing new ways to access the Exchange’s unparalleled liquidity and information resources.”  — The Nasdaq Stock Market, another well-designed site, contains information on technology stocks, including new issues, market activity and global information.   — Telenium’s site is designed to allow the investor to browse for graphs and quotes over the last 100 days — or 100 weeks — of stock quotes. This site reports the trading activity of many different stock markets in Canada.  — There are many news releases published on this investment site. The up-to-date information about the markets will give you some insights into trends around the world.    — Canadian stock market information.   — The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business has news stories with a Canadian flair. Check this site daily to get updates on the investment world.   — This site, which is similar to an online magazine for investors, contains many American investment tips.   — Canada Stockwatch is a fee-for-service site. Although you need a password, you can log on for a free trial.   — The Nightly Business Report is a site dedicated to the business world. It has up-to-date business news and an S&P Barometer. The site complements the popular television show.  — MSNBC is a powerful site that has lots of relevant news articles.  — A great source of Canadian business news.

Mutual Funds    — Canadian dentists’ own CDSPI mutual fund values are posted here. See the average returns on your CDSPI mutual funds for the past 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.    — This site contains information on over 1,000 Canadian mutual funds.

Canadian Banks

Most banks offer stock and mutual fund trading on the Internet, and many have online discount stock trading as well.  — Canada Trust  — Royal Bank — TD Bank  — Scotia- bank  — Bank of Montreal


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