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Dentists are quite accustomed to receiving new information about dentistry through national and local journals. This month, we will explore some interesting Internet dental journal sites given that the development of online journals is revolutionizing the current publication process. Electronic journals (e-journals) provide up-to-date information quickly and at a low cost, and while print versions will never become obsolete, online versions will increase the accessibility of important information worldwide.

Many features of e-journals enhance the quality of the publication. For example, many e-journals allow you to discuss articles with the authors as well as to search online for articles. Many e-journals also provide hot links to other Web sites or sources of information. In the future, e-journals will also offer access to issues that were produced prior to the advent of the Internet, providing researchers and clinical dentists with a valuable investigation tool. Finally, many e-journals provide online subscription to the print edition.

1. Journal of the Canadian Dental Association (JCDA). The eJCDA is published monthly for the benefit of both the public and dentists.

2. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice. Hosted by Proctor and Gamble, this site enhances the publication with animations, videoclips and audio recordings.

3. Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). The American Dental Association has an extensive Web site to keep dental professionals up to date. The site has a useful search button to help readers find topics of interest via keywords or phrases.

4. Journal of Dental Research. The International Association for Dental Research has a wealth of information about dental research around the world.

5. British Dental Journal. The journal of the British Dental Association publishes scientific articles on the latest advances in dentistry. The site also has a listing of books that can be ordered online.

6. Australian Dental Journal. The Australian Dental Association publishes its e-journal every three months. Abstracts of the articles are available online for non-members to view.

7. Norwegian Dental Journal. Click on the English Summaries button to see some Norwegian dental articles.

8. Brazilian Dental Journal. This online journal, the official publication of the Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, offers a listing of publications and reference material.

9. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) and Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Although not dental journals, these two publications contain a lot of information that is of interest to dentists.

10. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. Online subscription is available. This secure Web site contains an archive of journals that can be ordered online.

11. Medline. This is a popular site to research information online.

12. Journal of Periodontology. You can view past abstracts or subscribe online.

13. Orthodontic CYBERJournal. Online articles are available for viewing. This site contains various links to other relevant journals and sites.

14. Journal of Orthodontics. You will need a user name and a password to access the articles. Subscribing gives you access to both the online and the print versions.

15. Biofilm Journal. This journal is free. Users can easily obtain an ID and password to access the full text and graphics.

16. Operative Dentistry. This site allows a search only on previous topics of interest. Once you find the information, you can order the reprints.

17. Dentistry Tomorrow. Articles are presented in Italian and English and grouped according to categories (implantology, prosthetics, oral surgery, etc.)

A final word about electronic publishing. With the spread of online journals, biomedical publishing is becoming less controlled. Make sure you get your information from credible sources.

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