Volume 10 • 2023 • Issue 4

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Contents The Canadian Dental Association Magazine 2023 • Volume 10 • Issue 4 9 13 28 30 CDA atWork 7 Resiliency in Uncertain Times 9 CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program 13 CDA Award Winners News and Events 22 Dental Digest Issues and People 24 New Canadian Oral Health Screening Tool for Seniors 28 Geriatric Dentistry Residency Track Program at UBC Classifieds 34 Offices and Practices, Positions Available, Advertisers’ Index Supporting Your Practice 30 The Effects of Vaping on Oral Health 32 Customize Your Retirement: Consider an Individual Pension Plan Obituaries 38 Dr. Roger L. Ellis 5 Issue 4 | 2023 |

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Dr. Heather Carr president@cda-adc.ca Resiliency inUncertain Times In the last few months, I’ve enjoyed meeting and talking with colleagues across the country. Many of these conversations focused on the federal government’s commitment to launch the CanadianDental Care Plan (CDCP) in 2023; your candor and honesty was valued. Although I’m pleased more Canadians will have access to oral health care, I wish we could accurately predict what to expect from the CDCP to help us all prepare for it. Feelings of uncertainty are stressful, especially when added to the burdens we’ve all weathered from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing staffing challenges. As a practising dentist, I share your feelings of uncertainty. This is the most significant change to Canadian dentistry that I’ve seen in my 35-year career. Together with my colleagues on the CDA board and among the leadership of the provincial and territorial dental associations (PTDAs), we’ve been advocating for a federal program design that can provide effective and sustainable access to those who need it most, without negatively impacting employer-sponsored dental care coverage and the current model of care delivery that our patients depend on. As you might expect, since the federal investment was first announced, it has been “allhands-on-deck” for CDA and the PTDAs. In February, before Health Canada began its work developing the CDCP, CDA published a policy paper that provided a roadmap for a successful, long-term program (see: bit.ly/3EZV6gD). The PTDAs then formed a technical submission working group, which includes executive directors, CEOs and staff from the PTDAs with support from CDA staff. The group is leveraging dentistry’s knowledge about how oral health care works in Canada—a unique system that is fundamentally different from the medical care system. The group engaged strategists and federal legislative experts to develop products and program modeling to demonstrate how potential policy decisions could impact CDCP outcomes. The group has also shared projections about the risks if some employers eliminate dental benefits for their employees and explained how fee guides are developed by PTDAs to reflect the current cost of care in each province or territory, among other topics. By providing such data and reports, CDA and the PTDAs are viewed as trusted resources by the federal government. We are making the most of this opportunity to help make the CDCP the best it can be. We are focused on maintaining primary delivery through Canada’s existing network of dental offices to prevent any disruption to the excellent oral health care most Canadians already receive. I’ve been impressed and inspired by the efforts of the working group and the entire CDA team. They’ve all been working flat out. They’ve forged relationships with key government officials and shared expertise and wisdom that, frankly, no one else has. This collaborative effort makes me proud. As I write this, in early July, I hope that you can take some time for yourself to care for your own health and well-being. As dentists, we must take care of ourselves so that we can care for others. We don’t know with certainty how the CDCP will be designed and even with everyone’s best intentions, it may have unpredictable results once implemented. But I do know that regardless of what happens, we’ll continue to support you and advocate for you, no matter what. From the President 7 Issue 4 | 2023 | CDA atWork

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Canadian Dental Students Showcased at CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program CDA and Dentsply Sirona organize an annual national student clinician research program, inviting student representatives from all Canadian dental schools to present results of their research. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDA/Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program event was held as an in-person event, taking place June 17 during the Alberta Wellness Summit in Calgary, Alberta. This national student research competition, which has been running since 1971, invites undergraduate dental students, selected by their respective faculty deans, to present and discuss their research with a panel of qualified judges and other conference attendees. The first place winner of this year’s event was Sofia Papadakos of Laval University and Mohammed Alabdoulsalam of Dalhousie University was runner-up. Top row: (L. to r.) Mohammed Alabdoulsalam, Dalhousie University; Sofia Papadakos, Laval University; Rachel Brunswick, Western University; Shubleen Sidhu, University of Manitoba; Juan Buitrago, University of Saskatchewan; Michelle Cwintal, McGill University Bottom row: (L. to r.) Dr. Benoit Soucy, CDA Chief Knowledge Officer; Dr. Lisa Bentley, Canadian Trustee, Pierre Fauchard Academy; Alison Looper, University of Montreal, Rose (Ru Jing) Zhou, University of British Columbia; Sharmin Kadkhodayan, University of Alberta; Rima Azaizeh, CDA Advocacy and Governance Associate. 9 Issue 4 | 2023 |

The panel of judges for the competition were Dr. Benoit Soucy, CDA Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Mitch Taillon, CDA PastPresident, and Col. Jean-Pierre Picard, Deputy Director General Health Services—Clinical Services and Chief Dental Officer/ Director Dental Services, Canadian Forces Health Services. “Judging the CDA/Dentsply Sirona program participants’ presentations is always a pleasure, because the research is always of the highest quality,” says Dr. Soucy. “This year was exceptional because all of the student researchers could have been eligible to win. The topics were relevant, the content was solid and the presentations were all high quality. The difference between the candidates was small but real, and both Sofia and Mohammed fully deserved their rankings,” he says. 1st prize: Sofia Papadakos, Laval University “I was privileged to attend the event and learn about the interesting projects my fellow nominees have been working on,” says Papadakos. “There is incredible research being done across Canada, allowing us to progress in our field and provide the best care for our patients,” she says. Papadakos is in the midst of a 3-month internship in France and came back to Calgary specially to attend the event. “It was all very well planned, with social events that gave us the chance to network with dentists as well as having some time to attend the interesting talks and presentations that were on offer at the Alberta Wellness Summit,” she says. “When my name was announced as the winner, I felt so honoured and proud for myself, for Dr. Semlali and for Laval University.” (L. to r.): Dr. Soucy; Sofia Papadakos; Dr. Pretti Kartic, Senior Manager, Professional Affairs and Clinical Education, Dentsply Sirona Canada; Dr. Mitch Taillon, CDA Past-President. Sofia Papadakos (DDS 2024) earned the top prize for her research on rapamycin, a new drug for the treatment of oral cancer. Papadakos is a third-year dental student at Laval University and since her first year has been conducting research on alternative treatments for oral cancer under the supervision of Dr. Abdelhabib Semlali. “I would like to thank Dr. Semlali, who has always supported me and has attended every conference where I’ve presented our research,” she says. “Sharing our results and the new advancements from these projects is truly gratifying. I would also like to thank my faculty for nominating me to represent Laval University,” says Papadakos. 10 | 2023 | Issue 4

2nd prize: Mohammed Alabdoulsalam, Dalhousie University Mohammed Alabdoulsalam (DDS 2024) received second prize for his research on the outcomes of condylar fractures using transparotid or submandibular approaches. Alabdoulsalam completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry and went on to dental school at Dalhousie where he was drawn to the oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) field. He hopes to pursue a career in that discipline. “The event was a great experience,” says Alabdoulsalam. “The group of students were really nice, and it felt like we knew each other well before the conference. It was a great to be included as part of a larger dental conference.” “Receiving an award was an honour, as there was a very strong group of fellow presenters at the event. I’d like to thank my supervisor, Dr. James Brady for his support, guidance, and advice along the way,” says Alabdoulsalam. “I’d also like to thank Dr. Leigha Rock and Dr. Violet D’Souza for their assistance throughout the research study. Finally, I would like to thank the Canadian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (CAOMS) as this study would not be possible without its funding and support.” The winning student researchers were announced during an award ceremony sponsored and hosted by Dentsply Sirona, who generously provide the 1st and 2nd place prize winnings of $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. Since its inception, CDA and Dentsply Sirona have worked together to help motivate and recognize bright young minds to investigate new approaches to a wide array of oral health concerns. The program’s aim is to “stimulate ideas, to improve communication and most of all, to increase student involvement in the advancement of the dental profession.” During the Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA) luncheon, Dr. Lisa Bentley, Canadian Trustee, PFA, presented a $1,000 scholarship to each participating student of the research program. The Pierre FauchardAcademy, through its Oral Health Foundation, have been generously supporting the student research program for many years and are an instrumental part of the success of this event. Dr. Lisa Bentley, Canadian Trustee, Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA), presenting Mohammed Alabdoulsalam with his $1,000 scholarship on behalf of the PFA. 11 Issue 4 | 2023 |

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CDA Award Winners Each year, CDA honours individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to the dental profession and the oral health of Canadians. The most recent CDA awards were presented during the President’s Installation Dinner (PID) inWinnipeg, Manitoba, inApril 2023. The PID was made possible through the generous support of CDSPI. Dr. John O’Keefe joined CDA in 1997 and served in many capacities for the association in the publications department, including as Director of Knowledge Networks. During his tenure, he was responsible for the development of the CDA Oasis suite of clinical decision support tools for the dental team, served as editor of the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association and spearheaded the creation of CDA Essentials magazine. Dr. O’Keefe combined his keen interest in the importance of knowledge translation and his innate ability to think outside of the box to make many progressive changes to CDA’s communication strategies, transforming them to meet the current needs of dentists and those of tomorrow. Dr. O’Keefe nurtured and enhanced a sense of community within the profession. Always forward thinking, he was CDA staff lead on the Future of the Profession initiative and CDA’s Canadian Oral Health Roundtable discussions. After 25 years of service, culminating with the role of CDA’s Community Ambassador, Dr. O’Keefe retired in 2022. CDA was extremely fortunate and privileged to have a global ambassador for the profession and a communication visionary such as Dr. O’Keefe within its ranks. His dedication, vision and leadership left an indelible mark on Canadian dentistry. Dr. John O’Keefe CDA Medal of Honour The CDA Medal of Honour is the highest award conferred by CDA. It is given to a dentist in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding service and professional achievement to the benefit of the dental profession, the dental community and society at large, and to which can be attributed significant change. I was surprised when contacted a while back about this award. I should be giving CDA an award because the organization allowed me to occupy what I always considered to be the best job in dentistry in the world; communication and community building. With the support of the CDA board and the encouragement of senior staff colleagues, I think we did neat things together and we were recognized globally as leaders in the area of communication within our profession. But I almost didn’t take the job at all. It was only because my wife, Lucie, my North Star for 40 years, persuaded me that this job at CDA was the right one for me. She was correct about the job and so many other things over the years. And for that I am really thankful. If I’m accepting this award because of accomplishments, I attribute that to the hard work of the team members that I had the joy to work with in Publications and Knowledge Networks. I was always so impressed by their dedication, hard work, and the pride they took in serving the dentists of Canada. 13 Issue 4 | 2023 |

Honoured Member Award This award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the dental profession, the dental community or the oral health of Canadians over a sustained period of time at the academic, corporate, specialty society, council, commission or committee level. In 2008, Claude Paul Boivin began his tenure as CDA’s Executive Director, a role in which he served for 12 years. During that time, he also was an Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Dental Corps. Mr. Boivin was very active with the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), and he holds that organization’s CAE designation. Mr. Boivin was also a recipient of the CSAE Executive of the Year Award. During his time at CDA, he fostered the association’s relationship with the provincial and territorial dental associations and other key stakeholder groups. He initiated and maintained an ongoing strategic planning process, was instrumental in the development of CDA’s environmental scan and provided the impetus for the Future of the Profession initiative. Mr. Boivin identified corporate priorities, developed effective implementation strategies, and in his role as a Certified Executive Coach he contributed to the success of CDA by supporting staff in achieving their own goals. Mr. Claude Paul Boivin I’mdelighted to be among you again with this HonouredMember Award. You truly make me feel like part of your family. And that feels really good. On the wall of my office at CDA, there was a poster with an ancient African proverb that said, ‘You can go fast alone or further together.’ That mantra was my guide through my 12 years at CDA. It reminded me of the need to focus not on those things that pulls us apart, but rather to focus on those things that can bring us together. I’m proud to have worked with you, the leaders of this wonderful profession in advancing this united dental community. So a big thank you for the privilege of being side by side with you in serving dentistry and my heartfelt thanks for this award. It means a great deal to me.” Dr. Richard Price is a global leader, renowned for his ground-breaking research in dental composites and curing lights. His passion about the application of science to clinical practice led him to receive the PeytonSkinner award from the Dental Materials Group at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in 2019, and the Hollenback Prize from the Academy of Operative Dentistry in 2023. His research in reducing risks and improving the quality of dental light curing technology has made him a highly sought-after speaker nationally and internationally. Dr. Price has published over 220 peer-reviewed articles. In 2012, he established the Northern Lights Symposium, a meeting that attracts leading researchers and manufacturers from around the world to come together to share the latest dental materials research. These thought leaders convene at this event to discuss advances in dental restorative materials and light curing technology and to develop guidelines for dental practitioners. Dr. Price is an outstanding scholar who has promoted and advanced the field of dental academia through his dedication to dental research, education and mentorship. Dr. Richard Price When I emigrated to Canada in 1984, I never could have imagined that I would be standing before you, humbled and extremely honoured to accept this award from CDA. I hope this award inspires others to conduct clinically relevant research that will improve the lives of our patients. Because after 40 years of clinical dentistry and research, I have come to realize that clinical success is rarely about the materials that are used. Instead, it is more about the skills of the clinician and the patient factors that determine the success of most dental treatment that is done is our offices. […] Education is the key. I do hope that research funders will divert more dollars to improving dental education and discovering how to control the patient factors instead of just developing more new products. Again, thank you very much.

CONTINUEDP.17 CDA AwardWinners Dr. William Hettenhausen Dr. William Hettenhausen has spent his entire professional career reaching out to those in need, from older to younger Canadians alike. For over 50 years, he has been a passionate advocate for oral health and prevention. After founding the Your Teeth for Lifetime Foundation in 1978, he continued to serve as its Executive Director for many years. Focusing on children, Dr. Hettenhausen organized and coordinated countless Oral Health Month “Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles” events and promoted oral health by setting up information booths at malls and other locations throughout Thunder Bay, Ontario. He was also actively involved with the Head and Neck Clinical Oncology Teams at the Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Centre and helped patients minimize the oral side effects of cancer treatment. In 2000, he received theWeiler Award for furthering social development and social justice through partnerships among individuals and organizations, and in 2001 he received the ODA’s Barnabus Day Distinguished Service Award. Distinguished Service Award This award is given to recognize outstanding contributions to the dental profession, the dental community or the oral health of Canadians at large, in a given year or outstanding service over a number of years. For over 50 years, Dr. Tom Breneman has been actively involved in the Canadian dental profession. Shortly after graduating, he became president of the Western Manitoba Dental Society. He went on to serve as president of the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) in 1991 and president of CDA in 2002. He is a past chair of the MDA Peer Review Committee and past section chair and trustee of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Dr. Breneman’s community involvement does not stop there. He received the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Business Builder of the Year Award, the MDA President’s Achievement Award, an Honorary Doctor of Science from Brandon University, and the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry Alumni of Distinction Award. His lifetime achievements are a shining example of what it means to be a community leader, giving back to his profession and to his community. Dr. Tom Breneman Award of Merit This award recognizes an individual who has served in an outstanding capacity in the governing or service of CDA over a sustained period of time, or who has made similar outstanding contributions to the dental profession, the dental community or the oral health of Canadians and society at large. I would like to thank the CDA nominations committee for honoring me with the Distinguished Service Award. […] I’d also like to remember my late father Dr. Carl Hettenhausen, and today, like him, I’m wearing an ODA ‘50 years of services’ pin. He was my inspiration by always putting his patient’s best interest first. […] Somehow, this Distinguished Service Award and recognition from my peers and colleagues brightens my spirit and makes me even more thankful to have had the opportunity to make a difference in the oral health of children and their families across the North. Thank you for this honour, and may I always strive to be worthy of the award. Treating without preventing is like chasing without ever catching, and happiness and health are very closely related. When you help your patients increase their health, you are bound to increase their happiness. And happiness is a wondrous commodity. Happy smiles. Keep smiling. I feel fortunate that I was able to practise dentistry for 53 years always enjoying going to the office and interacting with my staff and patients. In fact, I have often stated that I never worked a day in my life. Certainly, over the years I witnessed many changes in the profession, but the one constant is the people. I felt early on that it was important to be involved and give back to my community and profession. […] Over the years, Janie and I have met many wonderful people, many of whomare still friends today. After retirement, I have stayed involved in the dental profession by helping dentists transition into retirement. 15 Issue 4 | 2023 |

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CDA AwardWinners UniversityofManitoba graduate, past president of theManitobaDental Association (MDA), Dr.Michael Sullivan has served the profession with distinction. He has been an active member of CDA’s Advocacy Committee since 2014 and serves as its chair. He is also a member of CDA’s USC&LS Committee and CDA’s Access to Care Committee. CDA appointed Dr. Sullivan to serve on Health Canada’s Non-insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Technical Working Group. At the MDA, he was also chair of the Economics Committee and a member of its Infection Control Committee Dr. Sullivan is a fellow of the International College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. He has served on the board of the Manitoba Dental Foundation and was also actively involved in the MDA’s mentorship program. Dr. Michael Sullivan I would like to thank the board and the members of CDA for bestowing upon me the Award of Merit. I would be remiss if I did not mention my appreciation in the faith and the trust you have placed in me for the opportunity to be involved at the national level. […] I look at the list of the past recipients and I’m truly honoured to be considered amongst this group. It is a humbling experience to be recognized by your peers. We all entered this profession, volunteered and strived to do what we do for one main reason, simply to help others, to give back to the profession and the people we care for. Dr. Mary Ann Wiseman Principled, hardworking, highly respected and devoted to our profession are words that colleagues have used to describe Dr. Mary Ann Wiseman of Moncton, New Brunswick. She is a past president of the New Brunswick Dental Society (NBDS) and the National Dental Examining Board of Canada and most recently a member of the CDA Practice Recovery Task Force, its Lifelong Learning Task Force and Chair of the NBDS COVID Response Team. When COVID-19 struck, the NBDS relied heavily on CDA but also turned inward to its own membership for leadership. Dr. Wiseman was recruited to chair the NBDS Advisory Committee on COVID-19 based on her experience, professionalism, and the respect she had earned over the years from her peers and colleagues. Under her leadership and guidance, the committee developed a robust operational plan. Dr. Wiseman is a shining example of giving back to our profession without hesitation during a time of need with hard work, unassuming leadership and dedication. Dr. Wiseman continues to leave her mark on the NBDS and the dental profession in New Brunswick. Active member and contributor to the Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA), Dr. Eric Hatfield was a cherished mentor and friend to many in dentistry. His tireless work to further the profession by inspiring the next generation of leaders was exceptional. Dr. Hatfield served on numerous NSDA committees before serving as NSDA President. He was involved with the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia where he also served on several committees and became its president and chair. Dr. Hatfield had the ability to inspire and motivate friends and colleagues to become involved in organized dentistry. Many have gone on to become leaders with the NSDA and provincial board, and he was recognized as a mentor by Dr. Heather Carr, CDA President for 2023–24. Dr. Hatfield passed away in January 2020, but his legacy lives on. Dr. Chad Avery, a dentist that Eric encouraged to become involved with organized dentistry early in his career, provided remarks on behalf of the Hatfield family. Dr. Eric Hatfield (posthumously) Eric was more than just a mentor to me; he was my uncle and business partner. I would like to thank CDA for taking the time to recognize all the award recipients, but also for creating this new award for mentorship advancement. […] Mentorship is the best way to encourage and engage the next generation of leaders in our profession. […] If Eric were here this evening, he would be raising a glass in celebration of this award. Mentorship Advancement Award The inaugural Mentorship Advancement Award recognizes dentists or dentist-led groups who have improved the sense of community among Canadian dentists through volunteer mentorship and shared learning. 17 Issue 4 | 2023 |

Dr. Stewart Gillies’ heart is dedicated to improving access to care for the underserved, at home and abroad. For close to 50 years, Dr. Gillies served his profession with outstanding commitment and dedication. He served on the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association (NLDA) Tariff Committee for 16 years including as chair, the NLDA Dental Public Health Committee for 4 years, led their oral health awareness efforts and served on its licensing board. Shortly after coming to Canada from Scotland in 1977, he set up a clinic to provide access to care for the underserved. When refugees from Vietnam, Bulgaria and Cuba (and other countries) started emigrating to Newfoundland, he was pleased to provide treatment for these groups. Dr. Gillies’ efforts over the years have brought the dental community in the province together to help those most in need. He has rallied members of the profession and the community to take action. Dr. Gillies is an inspiration, a friend and a mentor to many. Dr. Stewart Gillies After the earthquake in Haiti where 300,000 people perished, we were hungry to help. The Canadian International Dental Foundation was born, travelling far and wide delivering care in gardens, schools, churches and orphanages around the country […]. A clinic with three chairs, equipped with everything a Canadian dentist would require, was donated. We taught Haitian dentists at the dental school delivering lectures and course material. How did this happen? The story is one of strategic partnerships, the profession, the industry and the public. […] The case for dental outreach remains strong both nationally and internationally. Our profession should stand tall for all in need. Vice-President of Global Care Measurement Sciences and Oral Care Professional Scientific Relations at Procter and Gamble (P&G), Dr. Leslie Winston has always been available to answer questions about P&G products, no matter how difficult. Through various job titles and roles at P&G for over 27 years, Dr. Winston has provided support for the Canadian delegation to ISO TC 106 and has championed the value and aims of the CDA Seal program internally at P&G, despite competing demands and priorities. CDA values the relationship it has with the dental industry and Dr. Winston has proven to be a valuable friend of CDA and Canadian dentistry. Dr. Leslie Winston I’m honoured to receive the CDA Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award, joining a prestigious list of individuals who have had a significant impact on the dental profession.The topic of oral health is very important to me and to our teams working on Crest and Oral-B. We are passionate about helping all consumers treat and manage health care issues so they can perform their best today and prevent future health issues. For us, oral health means more than good teeth. It’s key to our well-being. […] I look forward to continuing to build our relationship with CDA so that all Canadians learn to develop healthy daily habits leading to healthy smiles for life. Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry This award is conferred on an individual or organization outside of the dental profession in appreciation for exemplary support or service to Canadian dentistry and to the profession as a whole. 18 | 2023 | Issue 4

Dr. Jerry Baluta In 2014, Dr. Jerry Baluta developed and established the oral cancer health screening program for Manitobans. In partnership with the Never Alone Foundation and the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA), this program has screened hundreds of people and makes referrals to oral surgeons, when needed. Dr. Baluta’s extraordinary leadership and ongoing management of this program has encouraged participation from dentists in Manitoba. Thanks to Dr. Baluta, Manitobans who are at risk are provided with free screening examinations and some are referred immediately to a specialist. This early detection screening program is held annually during Oral Health Month in April. It is an integral part of the MDA’s public-facing initiatives. Oral Health Promotion Award This award recognizes individuals or organizations who have improved the oral health of Canadians through oral health promotion. This may involve creating public health policy or supportive environments, strengthening community action, developing personal skills, or increasing the prevention of oral diseases and disorders. I’m honoured to receive this CDA Award for Oral Health Promotion. I’m receiving this award as the former chair of the communication committee of Manitoba Dental Association, and I stand on the shoulders of many who come before me in this committee. And I definitely honour them. […] I also share this award with all the members of our committee, recent and long-standing, who serve to advance the communication agenda of theMDA. We are very advanced in our communication with our focus being on patient care of all Manitobans, as well as business and volume for dentists in the province. I’m very honoured to receive this award and thank you very much. CDA AwardWinners Dr. Frances Power Dr. Frances Power is the course director for Community Oral Health Services at McGill University. She was recognized for her leadership in supporting oral health promotion activities at the university. This role led her to support and mentor McGill dental students to provide free personalized oral health promotion sessions to the underprivileged communities in Montreal. Dr. Power helped create a supportive environment for the underserved to gain and expand their knowledge of the benefits of good oral health, and for McGill dental students to learn more about working with vulnerable groups. Each year, over 40 community centres throughout Montreal are visited by third-year dental students, and over 3,000 people have received these services. McGill’s community service and oral health promotion work was recognized in 2019 with the American Dental Education Association William J. Gies Award for Vision, and Dr. Power was a major contributor in McGill’s faculty of dentistry being recognized for these initiatives. My dental students, community partners, and myself all hold the CDA in high esteem, so your Oral Health Promotion Award means the world to us. Friendship building between my students and community groups enables underserved people to have their access to care and health challenges be heard, as well as their wishes for better oral health. These McGill students transform dental public health information into personalized oral health promotion sessions for diverse community groups. Thanks to our faculty and our Community Oral Health Services program, our students engage communities in need through equity, respect, and love, so they become empowered through oral health, knowledge, and access to care. 19 Issue 4 | 2023 |

CDA AwardWinners Thank you toCDSPI for its generous support of the 2023 President’s InstallationDinner. Direct Dental Direct Dental is a free emergency outreach clinic serving the priority populations in inner city Saskatoon. Its goal is to bridge the gap between people unable to access dental care and senior dental students who provide treatment in a supervised environment. It creates opportunities for students and dental professionals to give back to their community and provide much needed care to those who might not seek it otherwise. In 2018, the program was led by senior dental students at the University of Saskatchewan. They have since graduated, but the clinic continues to be run by students from the USask College of Dentistry. The program has a significant impact on access to care issues in downtown Saskatoon, providing access to urgent care for a population with significant barriers to dental care. Mr. Christopher Pyke accepted the award on behalf of Direct Dental. The Direct Dental clinic is committed to its vision of providing oral care services to the underserved populations. The clinic’s unwavering dedication to making services accessible to everyone regardless of their financial status or their social standing, ensures that no one is deprived of the necessary medical attention that they deserve. The only way that this is all possible is because of the support of the practising dentists within our community, the entire student body and our dental college. We have been inspired by those who came before us. […] It has been a personal privilege to be a part of this meaning ful work, and I am grateful to have been surrounded by such dedicated and passionate professionals. We thank you for this recognition and I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of our community, Smiles4Canada Smiles4Canada is a program of the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Orthodontics (CFAO) and is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO). The program helps low-income youth receive orthodontic treatment. It also connects orthodontists who can provide free treatment to patients under age 14. Dr. Stephen Roth and his colleagues began the Smiles4Canada program as a pilot in Atlantic Canada in 2016 and launched the program nationally in 2017. The program has been transformative for many patients who have difficulty chewing or are in pain, and who otherwise would not have been able to afford this care. Dr. Roth has demonstrated dedication and leadership through this initiative and Smiles4Canada is making a difference in the oral health of young Canadians. I would like to sincerely thank CDA for recognizing Smiles4Canada with this award. Smiles4Canada was established to facilitate the orthodontic treatment of deserving young people who would otherwise not be able to receive care. […]We accept this award on behalf of all the orthodontists who have participated and on behalf of everyone who has worked on the various national and regional committees. They have donated their time and expertise and have certainly changed the lives of their patients. […]. We are eager to share the news of this award and hope that it helps spread the word of the fantastic efforts and the generosity of orthodontists across Canada. 20 | 2023 | Issue 4

1.800.561.9401 cdspi@cdspi.com A Benefit of Membership CDSPI Travel Insurance* One premium — unlimited trips in a year. With the CDSPI Travel Edge annual plan, you can protect yourself and your family for: • Emergency medical expenses coverage • Specialized emergency treatment and services coverage CDSPI Travel Edge Plus gives you even more, with coverage for: • Flight accident • Baggage loss • Trip cancellation Enjoy more. Worry less. IMAGINE PLAN ACHIEVE * Travel Edge and Travel Edge Plus Insurance are underwritten by the CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators group of companies and administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. For detailed information on benefits, exclusions and limitations, please refer to the policy.

DENTAL DIGEST Leslie Ann Wirth was named as the new executive director of the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association (CDAA) in June 2023. Wirth joined the CDAA in 2023 and has an extensive background in the planning and delivery of health services in Ontario and British Columbia. Specializing in change management, Wirth has experience in systemtransformation and organizational change and development and is an advocate for good governance and accountability. In a statement, the CDAA Board of Directors said, “We are confident that Leslie will provide the necessary leadership to ensure that the CDAA continues to drive the national agenda for the dental assisting profession forward and achieves long term sustainability.” Queen’s University Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC) onlineprofessional development course is a program with interactive content for health professionals who are new to or are about to enter into the practise of IPAC. The course introduces learners to the principles of IPAC and increases the knowledge and skills for managing the prevention and control of infections and disease. Topics covered in the course include routine practices and additional precautions; disinfection, sterilization and construction; and employee and occupational health, among others. Launched in 2004, the next session of the online course runs from September 2023 to February 2024 and is available to health professionals and dental team members interested in learning more about IPAC. New Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association Executive Director IPAC Online Professional Development Course Dr. Aaron Burry Receives Pierre Fauchard Honorary Fellowship Award Dr. Aaron Burry, CDA’s CEO, was officially presented with the Pierre Fauchard Academy’s (PFA) Honorary Fellowship Award on June 16, at a ceremony held during the Alberta Wellness Summit in Calgary. Honorary Fellowship in the PFA is bestowed on an individual who has made a valuable contribution to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry or to the PFA. Dr. Burry is a certified specialist in Dental Public Health and prior to joining CDA in 2017, he served with the City of Ottawa for over 25 years, including a cross appointment with Ottawa Public Health as the Chief Dental Officer. See: cdaa.ca/news-news See: bit.ly/3JKiZvf Dr. Aaron Burry, CDA CEO, with Dr. Lesli Hapak, CDA Board member and Pierre Fauchard Academy fellow. Leslie Ann Wirth 22 | 2023 | Issue 4

The second benefit period of the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB) opened on July 1, 2023, to provide eligible families with up-front, direct payments of up to $650 per eligible child under 12 for dental care services received between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024. To access the second benefit period, applicants must meet the following criteria: • They have a child or children under 12 as of July 1, 2023, and are currently receiving the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for that child; • They have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000; • Their child does not have access to private dental care coverage; • They have filed their 2022 tax return; and • They have out of pocket expenses for their child’s dental care services incurred in Canada between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024, for which the costs have not been fully covered under another federal, provincial or territorial government program. A new American Dental Association (ADA) clinical practice guideline suggests conservative methods to treat tooth decay in primary and permanent teeth could lead to better outcomes when used with common restorative materials. An expert panel of dentists developed guidelines on this topic after extensive reviewof approximately 300 published studies. The guideline, published in the July 2023 issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association, contains 16 recommendations regarding treatment of moderate and advanced tooth decay in primary and permanent teeth that have not received endodontic treatment. It suggests that conservative carious tissue removal (CTR) is less likely to result in adverse outcomes like nerve exposure or a failed filling. The recommendations also identify selective CTR as an effective treatment option in most cases of moderate or advanced decay in primary and permanent teeth. This is the ADA’s second clinical practice guideline in a series on caries treatment. The new restoration guideline, and existing recommendations on non-restorative treatment for tooth decay, are available at: ada.org/cariesguidelines Second CDB Benefit Period Opens ADA Publishes Guideline on Restorative Treatments for Caries Lesions “Through the Canada Dental Benefit, we are helping children get access to dental care at an early age. The CDB is the first step in improving access to dental care services for those who need it most,” says Jean-Yves Duclos, Canada’s Minister of Health. See: bit.ly/3PSRFP4 23 Issue 4 | 2023 |

New Canadian Oral Health Screening Tool for Seniors As Canada’s population continues to age, a research team led by Dr. Christian Caron, a professor in gerodontology at Laval University, has created a screening tool for seniors’ oral health that can be used in a variety of settings. Between 2011 and 2021, the Canadian population age 65 and over grew by almost 20%, representing the biggest increase in 75 years.1 As of July 2022, almost 1 in 5 Canadians (18.8%) were age 65 or over, fuelled by the so-called baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1965. The 2021 Canadian census showed that over 861,000 people were age 85 or over, more than double the amount from the 2001 census. In the next 25 years, this population aged 85 and over could increase to almost 2.5 million people. With more people having greater life expectancies, a major challenge remains; maintaining a good quality of life based on their good overall and oral health. Deteriorating oral health can have negative consequences on people’s healthy food choices, mental health and well-being. Pain and various infections can lead to general health problems or aggravate pre-existing conditions. Dr. Christian Caron, gerodontology professor at the Centre of Excellence for Oral Health and Aging at Laval University. 24 | 2023 | Issue 4