CDA Essentials 2019 • Volume 7 • Issue 2

29 Issue 2 | 2019 | S upporting Y our P ractice hypersensitivity were more likely to report a drinking habit such as sipping, swishing or holding drinks in the mouth, compared to those without dentine hypersensitivity. So those with dentine hypersensitivity might not always have tooth wear, and people with tooth wear might not have dentine hypersensitivity. a References 1. O’Toole S, Bernabé E, Moazzez R, Bartlett D. Timing of dietary acid intake and erosive tooth wear: A case-control study. J Dent. 2017; 56:99-104. 2. O’Toole S, Bartlett D. The relationship between dentine hypersensitivity, dietary acid intake and erosive tooth wear. J Dent. 2 017;67:84-87. 3. O’Toole S, Newton T, Moazzez R, Hasan A, Bartlett D. Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial Investigating The Impact of Implementation Planning on Behaviour Related to The Diet. Sci Rep. 2018;8(1):8024. Carbonated flavoured drinks Water, SparklingWater, Milk*, Tea, Coffee • If you do have carbonated drinks, have them as infrequently as possible and over a short time period. • Try not to sip, swish or hold the drinks in your mouth. Juices Water, Milk*, Tea, Coffee • If you are going to have juices try and drink them only with meals. • Try and dilute them with water to gradually wean yourself off the taste. Wine, Beer, Cider, Spirit with mix It is always better to drink alcohol with meals. • Remember to drink alcohol sensibly • Most mixers are acidic so try to cut down on these outside of meals. • Try to avoid putting slices of lemons/limes in your drink. Fruits as snacks Vegetables – carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber, peppers; Nuts; Cheese* • Try and eat fruits with meals, as a dessert. • If you can, snack on vegetables. • If you are going for a fruit as a snack avoid citrus fruits and apples. Try a banana or a plum instead. • Try to eat the fruit over a small time period, i.e. have 10 strawberries/grapes at once rather than nibbling on one every few minutes. • Try to eat any acidic foods with something that contains calcium e.g. yogurt* or milk* Vinegars, pickles, ketchups, lemon juice-based dressings Mayonnaise* • Try to reduce the amount of these dressings that you put on foods • If you can, avoid having them on foods in between meals For this Swap this Helpful tips            *Try to choose low-fat alternatives Dietary Tips for Preventing Erosive Tooth Wear Protecting your teeth against acid attack should be part of an overall balanced diet and these suggestions should help you keep to an eating pattern which is healthy – not too high in fat, salt, sugar and alcohol with plenty of vegetables and fruit at mealtimes. P atient R esource : The following diet prompt sheets were used in Dr. O’Toole’s study on patient behaviour change 3 and have been adapted and reprinted in CDA Essentials , with permission.