CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 7

S upporting Y our P ractice  Dentist Dr. Chris Bryant , a general practitioner in Sooke, British Columbia.  Change for the better Dr. Bryant implemented a CAD/CAM milling and imaging system in his practice in 2009.  Payoff “A lot of my patients do not have third-party insurance. With a CAD/CAM unit, they have more freedom in choosing their treatment options. I can do partial coverage restorations, as opposed to automatically doing full coverage,” explains Dr. Bryant. “In the end, I think the payoff is being able to do more conservative dentistry. Even though we are in a rural setting a fair distance from a major centre, we are able to provide a timely solution for our patients. For some of the larger cases, I still defer to our lab; it’s trimmed our lab fees but hasn’t eliminated them.”  Advice “If you’re in a small town like mine, you might be compelled to first look at what’s available in the used market, like we did. We’ve since graduated into new systems that are top-of-the-line products. And if you’re not committed to buying right away, don’t be afraid to ask the sales rep for an extended trial.” a Have youmade a change for the better in your practice? Share your story at CAD/CAMmilling system lets this small-town dentist offer more treatment options AChange for the Better To watch the full interview with Dr. Bryant, visit 2016/11/21/cadcam