CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 7

35 Issue 7 | 2017 | S upporting Y our P ractice CDA asked Dr. Ziv Simon to tell us more about the X-suture, a simple and effective suture technique. When to use the X-suture • Extraction sockets • Large flaps • Tuberosity Step-by-step procedure Starting with a straight incision line, creating a buccal flap and a lingual flap: ➀ Create the first entry point in the mesial-buccal aspect, inserting the needle 2–3 mm from the edge. ➁ Exit through the mesial- lingual aspect, under the flap. ➂ Create the second entry point in the distal-buccal aspect, inserting the needle 2–3 mm from the edge. ➃ Exit through the distal-lingual aspect, under the flap. Then, tie the knot. a Surgical Talk: The X-Suture Technique After many colleagues mentioned to him they didn’t feel comfortable with surgery and suturing, Dr. Ziv Simon, a Canadian- trained periodontist who now practises in the United States, created SurgicalMaster  . With this online surgical training program designed specifically for dentists, he hopes to help clinicians gain surgical knowledge and confidence. Theviewsexpressedarethoseoftheauthoranddonot necessarilyreflecttheopinionsorofficialpoliciesof theCanadianDentalAssociation. Watch a video presentation by Dr. Simon about X-suture technique: 2016/01/29/xs Sign up to receive Dr. Simon’s weekly SurgicalMaster™ training videos by email: