CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 7

14 | 2017 | Issue 7 OPIOIDS New Public Awareness Toolkit “Canada is facing a national opioid crisis. The growing number of overdoses and deaths caused by opioids, including fentanyl, is a public health emergency,” explains the government on its website. “This is a complex health and social issue that needs a response that is comprehensive, collaborative, compassionate and evidenced-based.” The toolkit includes posters, videos, wallet cards and infographics that can be used and shared to prevent and address problematic opioid use. The topics covered are various:  Opioids 101: information on fentanyl; opioids and alternatives; overcoming addictions  Overdose prevention and naloxone: signs of an opioid overdose; naloxone administration  Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act: guidance for first respondents  Lived experience: testimonials from recovering opioids addicts  Data and surveillance: statistics on apparent opioid-related death in Canada in 2016  Government of Canada actions: overview of some of the federal government’s initiatives, including the public health emergency response to the opioid overdose crisis, making urgently needed drugs available, and the application process for supervised consumption sites. This new resource and related initiatives are part of the new Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy launched in December 2016 and led by former Minister of Health Jane Philpott. a N ews and E vents You can access the toolkit at: en/health-canada/services/substance- abuse/prescription-drug-abuse/opioids/ resources-toolkit.html The federal government recently launched a digital toolkit to promote public awareness on opioid overdose prevention.