CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 6

S upporting Y our P ractice 39 Issue 6 | 2017 | CDSPI isanot-for-profitorganizationwhosemission isto provideafullrangeoffinancialsolutionsthatmeettheuniqueneeds oftheCanadiandentalcommunitythroughouttheir lives.Ourmembers includetheCDAandparticipatingprovincialandterritorialdentalassociations. Information in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. in relation to the lower risk they are undertaking. Preserving capital while maintaining a focus on risk- adjusted performance is a hallmark of Cumberland’s investment philosophy.   Expertise You rely on experts for legal, medical and accounting advice. With your future prosperity at stake, it’s crucial to also rely on experts when it comes to your finances. We provide strong credentials, many years of experience, and a track record of achieving superior results for our clients. Dentists are exacting professionals. Similarly, strong financial managers must exhibit meticulous standards and a highly disciplined approach to managing investments.   Personal Attention When you trust a private wealth manager with your future, you deserve the highest level of service and attention. You have specific needs, and you can be confident they will be met when you deal with exclusive firms. In the investment world, this means consistent, ongoing communication and responsive service when attention is required. a 1.Providedby licensedadvisorsatCDSPIAdvisoryServices Inc.Restrictionstoadvisoryservicesmay apply incertain jurisdictions. 2.AsofJuly31,2017,96%ofCDSPI fundsare inthetoptwoquartiles for10-yearperformance. BasedonanalysisbyMorningstar, Inc.ofCDSPI fundswithperformancerecordsofoneyearormore. Pastperformance isnotnecessarily indicativeof futureresults.Formoredetailsonthecalculationof Morningstarquartilerankings,pleasesee . To take advantage of a full-service approach for managing your investments, I invite you to call me personally at 1-800-561-9401, ext. 6859, or send an email to . I can arrange a meeting with CDSPI Private Wealth Management Services and a Cumberland Portfolio Manager. FINANCIAL PLANNING CDSPI Private Wealth Management Services PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Cumberland Private Wealth Management  Dedicated attention : from a personal Investment Planning Advisor  Focused on your needs: Works with you to assess and understand your unique situation and needs  Personalized plan: Creates a financial plan with an appropriate asset allocation and required rate of return  Continued review: Provides ongoing adjustment as your circumstances change  Unbiased advice: No-cost member benefit of your provincial or territorial dental association  Direct attention : from a personal Portfolio Manager who acts as a fiduciary  Discretionary wealth management: Makes portfolio decisions based on the goals and requirements in your personalized plan  Integrated approach: Works in close consultation with your Investment Planning Advisor  Individualized reporting: Provides monthly reports and quarterly consultation (by phone or in person)  Value for cost: Low percentage fee based on amount invested Working Together To Manage Your Wealth