CDA Essentials 2017 • Volume 4 • Issue 6

12 | 2017 | Issue 6 CDA at W ork   Applying for the CDA Seal The CDA Seal application requires the manufacturer to submit evidence that substantiates the oral health benefit claim. For a full review, the manufacturer must submit evidence that is sufficient to allow the panel of reviewers to validate the claim. For expedited reviews, manufacturers can reference evidence from another successful application, either with Health Canada or with the CDA. In both cases the evidence must meet the requirements of the reviewers.   Validating the Oral Health Benefit Claim The CDA Seal application is forwarded to reviewers selected for their expertise as it relates to the manufacturer’s oral health benefit claim. They examine the submitted evidence and decide if the manufacturer’s claim is sufficiently supported to justify awarding the CDA Seal. Successful applications receive a certificate that lists the validated oral health benefit claim(s) that can be associated with the product. a Want to know more about the CDA Seal Program? Visit